I’ve written this section of Starting Up Security to read more like a book. The rainbow chapter organization is a nod to the Rainbow Series.

Someday I may turn these into a printed “rainbow series.” For now, I’m leaving these here as something more lightweight and accessible.

Some important notes:

  1. First, the target audience is engineering VPs, directors, or managers starting down the security road. Or, a security person looking to develop intuition about security teams and organizations.

  2. Second, this writing draws upon lessons strewn about several years of essay writing and tries to stay agnostic to platforms and focus more on underlying principles.

  3. Third: I only share this on Twitter and some Slack channels to avoid being a pest. Please share if you think this is useful.


If you find an error or have healthy criticism: please, shoot me a message or give me anonymous feedback. I enjoy feedback!

Thank you!